About Alaska Dolomite

Our History

In Production since 1983 Alaska Dolomite currently employs some 150 people from the Chinhoyi area. The dolomarble is mined in open cast quarry. The ore quarried annually is predominantly sold as aggregate or agricultural lime. 

Our Team

Why should you use Alaska Dolomite Lime?

The facts of using lime in agricultural are to nutrilise generally acidic soils in Zimbabwe. In an acid environment, soil nutrients like phosphates quickly become unusable in the sense that they are quickly locked up and not easily available to plant life. With the correct pH, however, availability is prolonged.  With the correct lime you can create the right pH environment, and soil  analysis can be accurately determine how much lime you need to apply. 

Some lime products on the market are coarser than others, and in some cases coarse granules may take so long to release their full neutralising potential, that they are of little use to your planned crop. Alaska Dolomite provides a product with exceptionally high neutralising factor and is particularly suitable in sandy soil. It has a specifically calculated fineness having been passed through a 200 mesh. This ensures that it gets to work the minute it hits the soil, with minium loss. It is packaged in high quality, all weather low density polyethylene.


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